Haxamanish H.V.

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Hakhamanesh H.V. is a sports 2-seater coupe hybrid car and it is developed version of the Hakhamanesh eV. Hakhamanesh H.V. is prepared for Formula Electric & Hybrid Italy 2010 competition. The chassis is the same as Hakhamanesh eV but the body is developed and the powertrain system is changed. The powertrain system is a series hybrid one which contains an electric motor as the traction motor and a generator set. This series hybrid car can be operated like electric vehicles in city driving, thus zero emission operation is possible. The generator set contains a  Honda 240cc combustion engine with max output power of 5.2 kW and a DC permanent magnet generator. The output power of the generator set is 5.2 kW. The electric motor is a PMS 156 W, a Permanent magnet Synchronous motor made by Perm Motor Germany. The peak power of the motor is 44 kW @ 6000 Rpm and the peak torque is 80 Nm @ 0-2000 Rpm. The 96V battery pack is of SLA type with the capacity of about 5 kWh. The transmission is a manual 2 speed gearbox without any mechanical clutch. The clutching is performed electrically with controlling the electric motor while shifting is performed. The top speed of the car is 100 km/h and the operation range is about 200 km.